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SUAS represents the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry sector and provides valuable industry specific and general business benefits to nurture the growth of it's members, partners and sponsors. We act as a valuable resource for our members by championing global industry standards, lobbying, promoting technological advances and providing business support in the interests of the sector.

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About US

SUAS is the voice of the Industry, promoting a common standard of excellence across the UAV sector. We will continue to be the go-to resource for both operators and consumers of UAV's promoting its cause and showcasing its infinite list of benefits.

Above all SUAS has recognised enormous potential in the UAV industry. SUAS has stepped up to become the much needed voice of the sector. We set out to provide support in many different forms to UAV Corporate and Commercial Businesses, operators and trade suppliers/manufacturers.

Why do we do it?

Because this important, fast growing sector requires:

  • A central body to act as a representative voice, which includes lobbying on its behalf to government, setting the standards and providing regulatory advice
  • A resource to offer help and support UAV users, helping them to grow their businesses and advance within the sector
  • The provision of updated documentation, such as regulations and legal guidelines from all over the world
  • Support the consumers, including the knowledge that the UAV sector has governing bodies
  • On-going education in the form of annual events, seminars, learning, industry updates, online documentation and member forums
  • SUAS is 100% committed to the UAV Industry and offers support, guidance and advice at every step working tirelessly to help operators and suppliers realise their full collective potential

Key Benefits

In return of becoming a SUAS member you will receive the following exclusive benefits only available to our subscribed members:

  • Latest UAV news and events happening in the world and keep up to date with all the rules and regulations al over the world
  • Receive discounted UAV insurance 10-20%
  • Usage of our legal standard terms and conditions templates provided by legal solicitors native to the UAS industry so you have peace of mind worth £2000
  • Online Marketing and promotion of your business
  • Discounted Bespoke UAV Insurance
  • Discounted NQE UAV Training Courses
  • Industry approved Training
  • Annual Corporate Conferences
  • Corporate Networking Opportunities

Join your Industry peers and become a SUAS Member.



Civil Aviation Authority

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Today, the CAA's focus is increasingly on identifying the key risks facing consumers and the wider public, then acting alongside industry to minimise the threat of harm.
We combine rule-making, enforcement action and influencing into a flexible and pro-active approach to ensure that industry is focused on addressing these risks.

Our Team

  • Tina Brevitt | Founder & Director of SUAS
  • Bob Garbett | Director
  • Tina Brevitt | Founder & Director of SUAS

    Tina Brevitt | Founder & Director of SUAS

    I have always been extremely passionate about providing a fantastic service to people and as the founder Director of SUAS-Global Ltd, a qualified UAV Pilot and Director of Aeraccess UK Ltd I have the skills and expertise to support the Unmanned Aerial Systems industry as a whole.

    Previous experience include, part qualified Accountant, operational, strategic and project management. Sales and marketing with strong leadership skills. Professional Photographer.

    I possess the ability of a high-driven and energetic individual with a can-do, down to earth attitude. It is always important to be alert to the challenges that may arise to any industry but with strong communication skills and a logical approach to problem solving, I relish changing and challenging environments.

  • Bob Garbett | Director

    Bob Garbett | Director

    Bob retired from the Army as a Major in the REME and now owns a Web technology Company operating in Central London (RMIS Ltd).

    Bob's specializations during his military service were systems engineering based across electronic and aeronautical disciplines. Bob worked as the Engineering Officer for a large fleet of Lynx and Gazelle aircraft (9 Regt AAC) and later as the Chief Engineer (OC LAD of 657 Sqn) within the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW). Following injury, he moved into policy, working on the rationalisation of all Aeronautical Engineering policies and procedures from the three Services (Army,Navy, Air Force) into one Joint Air Publication (JAP). Bob ended his career as the airworthiness specialist (Airworthiness 1) for the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) with CAA accreditation and was medically retired with a spinal injury in 2007.

    Following retirement, Bob started a software design Company to pursue the development of an advanced Risk Management systems for the Aviation and Security industries 'Software for a Safer World'. He met with considerable success in the public sector and has gone on to re-align the company to deliver advanced web technology services such as websites, web software systems, apps, augmented reality applications, 3D applications, cyber security solutions and a full digital marketing service for businesses in Central London and beyond.

    Bob has joined SUAS as a Director and will lead on strategy, technology, communications. Bob's Company, RMIS Ltd is delivering all of the technology systems to enable the UAV community and associated Regulatory and Legislative Authorities to communicate effectively.

Company Info


t: 0207 305 5518
e: info@suas-global.com

3rd Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH

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