(TS) Value: 134K Euros Country: Netherlands Lot 1 of this tender concerns the periodic delivery of digital stereo photos and ortho photos on the basis of these stereo aerial photographs. Various departments of the participating municipalities need a high-quality digital ortho photograph of their own municipal territory. Ortho photographs are required for, among other things: performing tasks in the context of the Environment Act, basic registrations within the context of the BAG and BGT, enforcement tasks, land transactions, civil engineering projects, etc. Initially, the contractor must collect stereo aerial photographs. This involves vertically reduced aerial photographs that have a certain overlap in the flight direction and in the transverse direction (longitudinal overlap 60% / transverse overlap 30%). This picture' s are taken using a special camera system on board an aircraft. Based on the stereo aerial photographs, the contractor must then prepare orthophotographs of the territory of the participating municipalities. In orthophotos, deviations caused by height differences in the terrain, lens distortion and the position of the aircraft have been corrected. The photographs are fitted into a coordinate system and can be represented as one large mosaic with the aid of a viewer, thus forming a photographic digital map of the municipal area in question. The aerial photos should be periodically replaced by more recent copies, so that stereo aerial photographs and orthophotos are constantly available to show the current situation on the spot. All contracting authorities taking part in the tender wish to receive digital stereo aerial photos and, on that basis, ortho-photos of their entire territory once a year for the duration of the agreement. For a more detailed description of lot 1, please refer to the Schedule of Requirements included in Appendix 2, part 'Specifications orthophotos'. Lot 2 concerns the delivery of high quality digital obliekfoto's. These are aerial photographs taken at a certain angle (45o) (therefore not vertical or perpendicular to the bottom), so that other details become visible than aerial photographs taken perpendicularly downwards. This photo too s are fitted into a coordinate system and can be displayed with the help of a viewer, whereby objects (for example: dwellings or housing extensions) can be looked up and viewed from different directions.

(TS) Value: 60K Euros Country: New Zealand BOPLASS invites tenders for the supply of colour digital orthorectified imagery and LiDAR to the BOPLASS group of councils from suitably qualified and experienced service providers.

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