Welcome to the Largest Online Network Dedicated to the Global Drone Sector

SUAS-Global was founded in 2014 as the drone industry started to gather pace. Since those early days, the organisation has evolved into the largest network dedicated purely to the drone sector.
Our main objective from the outset, to provide an online go to resource for all Drone operator professionals within the Surface, Underwater, Air and Space sectors.
A lot has happened since 2014, SUAS has evolved into a prominent asset for the drone sector and continues to grow exponentially on a global scale. We now work with government agencies, industry bodies, corporations, aviation and business experts to provide up to date regulation, legislation, knowledge and benefits to our members.

What does SUAS-Global do?

SUAS is the voice of the drone industry, promoting a common standard of excellence and contributing resources to aid industry growth. SUAS Members can share advice, socialise and benefit from our ready-made legal T&Cs, 24 Hr legal, financial and VAT advice, business listing, marketing, training, tenders, and employment updates which we email daily, delivering an abundance of benefits directly to our members’ inboxes.

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