(TS) Non-Drone related Value: £280K Country: Northern Ireland Description The intention of this competition is for the University to establish a multi-supplier framework for the procurement of Quantity surveyor consultancy services. These services relate to new projects with a pre-tender estimate construction value less than 10 000 000 GBP excluding VAT, as well as new lump sum appointments for Quantity surveyor consultancy services such as surveys, option appraisals, analysis reports and so on with a pre-tender estimate less than 250 000 GBP.

(BD) TenderID 17827966 Purchasing Authority INSTITUTO DE FINANCIAMENTO DA AGRICULTURA E PESCAS, I. P. Tender Value Plz Refer Document Country Portugal , Western Europe Contract Notice: Photographs Public Tender For The Acquisition Of Digital Aerial Photo Coverage Of Continental Portugal In 2019 Description: Acquisition Of 2019 Color Digital Aerial Photocopies Covering Part Of The Territory Of Mainland Portugal. Time Limit

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