(TS) Value: 134K Euros Country: Netherlands Purpose of the tender: the Assignment The assignment covers the delivery of visual material for both land and aerial photographs including the hosting of the data. For the panoramic photos and obliekfoto's, the supplier must provide an image viewer or make it available. The contracting authority has chosen to divide this contract into lots in order to improve the accessibility of small and medium-sized enterprises. The contract will be divided into the following lots: Land photography services (panoramic photos); Aerial photography services (stereo and orthogonal photos); Aerial photography services (obliekfoto's). Procurement Act 2012 The Public Procurement Act 2012 applies to this tendering procedure. Negometrix This tender will take place completely digitally via Negometrix.

(TS) Value: 69,600K Euros Country: Spain The hiring, by the Directorate General of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of an insurance policy that covers losses or material damage to the assets of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as a result of the materialization of any of the risks covered. The hiring, by the Directorate General of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of an insurance policy for transport and exhibitions of works of art or of special value goods, which guarantees the damages or losses that may be suffered by the insured property as a consequence of transport from their place of origin at the domicile of the owners and / or borrowers, until their return to the same location, The previous stays, during and after the exhibitions and the following operations are expressly included: - loading, - unloading, - packing, - unpacking, - assembly and handling, - damage to the works handled during the restoration of the same. Already in the place of the exhibition, packing rooms, warehouses and / or customs. The hiring, by the General Directorate of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of the personal accident insurance policies that correspond in accordance with Royal Decree 1588/1999, of 15 October, which approves the Regulation on the implementation of pension commitments of companies with workers and beneficiaries, for the following groups of people: 1) Staff with employment relationship with the Generalitat de Catalunya and insurance coverage right set by agreement, agreement or collective negotiation; 2) Personnel without labor relationship with the Generalitat de Catalunya and right to accident insurance coverage. It consists of the contracting of insurance of the type "life, renewable temporary group" with the complementary of death and disability by accident, for the President, members of the Government and high positions and assimilated to high positions of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Registry of High Places) positions of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in accordance with Decree 261/1992 of November 24), as well as the coverage of "temporary life" for the former presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the same duration as the monthly allowance established in article 2 of the Statute of former presidents of the Generalitat, which currently determines that it is equivalent

(TS) Value: 134K Euros Country: Netherlands This tender concerns the oblique photographs. These oblique photographs are used in the exercise of various public tasks of the Client and the municipalities for which the Client purchases the photographs. This concerns various (current and future) tasks such as taxation, enforcement, licensing, mapping, legal procedures, implementation of basic registrations, mutation detection, et cetera.


SUAS Global Ambassador Initiative

Catalysing a new wave of drone ambassadors

SUAS Global has been successful and impactful over the past 3 years. The network has grown to include over 40,000 individuals in the drone industry and has enjoyed the support of its highly committed and engaged members. Now it is time to broaden and deepen that reach.

The SUAS Global Ambassador initiative seeks to mobilise a new wave of individuals into a collective, using SUAS Global as a platform to build an ambitious new force of highly effective drone industry experts - supporting SUAS Global to realise its objectives in the process.


By being a part of this collective, you will have an unprecedented insight and involvement into SUAS Global’s unique and high impact work, promoting a common standard of excellence across the UAS sector. SUAS Global has stepped up to become the much needed platform of the sector, providing support for UAS commercial businesses, operators and trade suppliers/manufacturers.

You will also be able to contribute to ongoing discussions and help shape SUAS Global’s future direction and expansion.

SUAS Ambassador programme

Through joining this initiative, you will:

  • Contribute directly to the transformation of the drone industry; give intellectual input into SUAS Global’s strategy and build your thought leadership capacity;
  • Receive free Professional level membership valued at £200 per year;
  • Be included as an ambassador on all marketing materials and the monthly newsletter (40,000 subscribers);
  • Manage a dedicated Group as the in-house expert;
  • Access to exclusive networking opportunities with like-minded people and industry VIPs;
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The commitment we require from members of the collective is to:
  • Introduce and inspire at least 3 new (paying) members to join the collective each year;
  • Post content published by SUAS Global on your social media profiles;
  • Contribute one editorial per quarter.
Ambassadors will receive a training pack, materials for promotional activities, and support from the SUAS Global team.

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