(TS) Value: 134K Euros Country: Sweden Aerial photography and processing for a comedy-based orthophoto, flight signaling across Alingsås municipality and the production of images for stereo cartering in the ESPA environment.

(TS) Value: 480K Euros Country: Ireland Description Meath County Council in collaboration with Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Louth and Monaghan County Councils wish to invite suitable parties to engage in a competitive dialogue procedure for the provision and installation of a new GIS Platform.

(BD) 2018/S 208-476191 Value: Pls refer to document Country: Norway , Western Europe Contract Notice: Digital Mapping Services Macedonia Detailed Elevation Data With The Help Of Lidar Description: Detailed Elevation Data Shall Be Established With The Help Of Lidar In Northern Parts Of Macedonia. An Area Around The Capital Skopje (530 Km2) Has The Highest

Drone Major Group
by on October 15, 2018
Smart Shooter unveiled a tactical drone-elimination variant of its SMASH 2000 fire control system at last week’s AUSA annual meeting and exposition.
The basic SMASH 2000 system, which adds digital precision fire to in-service rifles and ammunition, has been tested by US Special Operations Command elements and other military agencies, and entered operational service with the Israel Defence Forces in early 2018.
The new variant, dubbed SMASH 2000 Plus, locks, tracks and accurately hits both conventional targets and small, fast and maneuverable tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), day and night.
According to Abraham Mazor, VP of business development for Smart Shooter, the public debut of SMASH 2000 Plus coincides with an ongoing revolution in weapon design.
“During the last 20 years, weapons came to be very precise,” he explained, pointing to complex tactical scenarios that include the presence of innocent personnel on the battlefield.
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