(TS) Value: 134K Country: Switzerland The deliverable and deliverable for RE 2019/2020 consists of the following: 1) newly entered LIDAR data processed and classified in accordance with the prescribed requirements; 2) raster datasets derived from classified LIDAR data; 3) the generation of an orthophoto from the georeferenced aerial photos taken at the same time as the LIDAR data are captured; 4) all oriented aerial photos, external hard disk for the storage of these data included; 5) all LIDAR data entered in LAZ 1.4 or SDF format, external hard disk for the storage of these data included; 6) additional information.

(TS) Value: 134K Euros Country: Netherlands This tender concerns the oblique photographs. These oblique photographs are used in the exercise of various public tasks of the Client and the municipalities for which the Client purchases the photographs. This concerns various (current and future) tasks such as taxation, enforcement, licensing, mapping, legal procedures, implementation of basic registrations, mutation detection, et cetera.

(TS) The Marine Institute, a semi State body, wishes to invite tenders for the supply of a Series of Seabird surveys in 4 areas of shallow inshore waters off the east coast of Ireland. Data is required on the distribution of seabirds, with emphasis on Common Scoter, in waters off the east coast of Ireland from Dundalk to Malahide in the north and Carnsore to Wicklow in the south. In addition population estimates of wading birds utilising intertidal habitats in Dundalk Bay is included. These data and imagery will be acquired using digital aerial survey. Deliverables include raw data, imagery, GIS files and where appropriate population estimates for each species. Counts of marine mammals by species and of fishing vessels encountered opportunistically during the survey should be in included. Depending on costs a time series of surveys will be completed in the area between November 2018 and March 2019. A full technical description is available in the attached Invitation to Tender document.

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