(TS) Value: 69,600K Euros Country: Spain The hiring, by the Directorate General of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of an insurance policy that covers losses or material damage to the assets of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as a result of the materialization of any of the risks covered. The hiring, by the Directorate General of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of an insurance policy for transport and exhibitions of works of art or of special value goods, which guarantees the damages or losses that may be suffered by the insured property as a consequence of transport from their place of origin at the domicile of the owners and / or borrowers, until their return to the same location, The previous stays, during and after the exhibitions and the following operations are expressly included: - loading, - unloading, - packing, - unpacking, - assembly and handling, - damage to the works handled during the restoration of the same. Already in the place of the exhibition, packing rooms, warehouses and / or customs. The hiring, by the General Directorate of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of the personal accident insurance policies that correspond in accordance with Royal Decree 1588/1999, of 15 October, which approves the Regulation on the implementation of pension commitments of companies with workers and beneficiaries, for the following groups of people: 1) Staff with employment relationship with the Generalitat de Catalunya and insurance coverage right set by agreement, agreement or collective negotiation; 2) Personnel without labor relationship with the Generalitat de Catalunya and right to accident insurance coverage. It consists of the contracting of insurance of the type "life, renewable temporary group" with the complementary of death and disability by accident, for the President, members of the Government and high positions and assimilated to high positions of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Registry of High Places) positions of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in accordance with Decree 261/1992 of November 24), as well as the coverage of "temporary life" for the former presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the same duration as the monthly allowance established in article 2 of the Statute of former presidents of the Generalitat, which currently determines that it is equivalent

(BD) 17317948 Tender Value: To be discussed with client Country: Germany Contract Notice: Aerial Mapping Services 7200066933 - Satellite Data Land Area Togo Description: Satellite Datasets (Images) Of The Total Land Area Togo Satellite Images Of Togo With A Surface Area Of 56 785 Sq Km And A Minimum Resolution Of 80 Cm.

(BD) 2018/538229 Value: Please see document Country: Turkey Tenders Are Invited For Ground And Airborne Disinfection Of Esenyurt Geneli, Geographical Information System Services And Leasing Of Animal Collection Vehicles Quality, Type And Quantity: 1 Piece Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Rental (5 Days), 40 Months 4X 2 Double Cabi

Manufacturer of drone nests with wireless charging to enable autonomous and BVLOS drones
Business Sizes1 - 50
Jaco du Preez
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WiPo Wireless Power (Pty) Ltd is a young and dynamic startup that provides wireless power solutions for the drone related markets. These wireless power solutions cuts the final cord making drones truly autonomous. WiPo Wireless Power manufacture drone enclosures, also called drone nests, drone ports, drone boxes, or drone pods. These enclosures provide safe, secure and intelligent environments that acts as a drone base station.

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