(TS) The development objectives of the Telecommunications Sector Reform Project for Myanmar are to: (a) improve the enabling environment for the telecommunications sector and extend coverage in selected remote pilot locations; and (b) establish priority eGovernment technological foundations and institutional capacity for Government to embark on its public sector reform program. There are four components to the project, the first component being creating an enabling environment for connectivity. This component will focus on technical assistance for addressing policy and regulatory bottlenecks to maximize the benefits of the sector reform agenda ($2.00 million). Technical assistance will be provided to MCIT on policy matters and to the regulator on various regulatory matters. The second component is the extending connectivity to rural areas. This component will support the development of the Government's universal access strategy in order to accelerate the provision of telecommunications and internet services in remote areas of Myanmar. The third component is the enabling eGovernment foundations. This component aims to support the Government's charter in governance reforms by improving transparency and accountability. It will also place a stronger emphasis on the provision of Government information and services for its constituents as committed by the President to its people. Finally, the fourth component is the project implementation support.
(TS) Value: 69,600K Euros Country: Spain The hiring, by the Directorate General of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of an insurance policy that covers losses or material damage to the assets of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as a result of the materialization of any of the risks covered. The hiring, by the Directorate General of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of an insurance policy for transport and exhibitions of works of art or of special value goods, which guarantees the damages or losses that may be suffered by the insured property as a consequence of transport from their place of origin at the domicile of the owners and / or borrowers, until their return to the same location, The previous stays, during and after the exhibitions and the following operations are expressly included: - loading, - unloading, - packing, - unpacking, - assembly and handling, - damage to the works handled during the restoration of the same. Already in the place of the exhibition, packing rooms, warehouses and / or customs. The hiring, by the General Directorate of Financial Policy, Insurance and Treasury of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as policyholder, of the personal accident insurance policies that correspond in accordance with Royal Decree 1588/1999, of 15 October, which approves the Regulation on the implementation of pension commitments of companies with workers and beneficiaries, for the following groups of people: 1) Staff with employment relationship with the Generalitat de Catalunya and insurance coverage right set by agreement, agreement or collective negotiation; 2) Personnel without labor relationship with the Generalitat de Catalunya and right to accident insurance coverage. It consists of the contracting of insurance of the type "life, renewable temporary group" with the complementary of death and disability by accident, for the President, members of the Government and high positions and assimilated to high positions of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Registry of High Places) positions of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in accordance with Decree 261/1992 of November 24), as well as the coverage of "temporary life" for the former presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the same duration as the monthly allowance established in article 2 of the Statute of former presidents of the Generalitat, which currently determines that it is equivalent
(TS) Value: 60K Euros Country: Reno, United States Compile orthophotography and provide various mapping products from aerial photography.
(BD) 17317948 Tender Value: To be discussed with client Country: Germany Contract Notice: Aerial Mapping Services 7200066933 - Satellite Data Land Area Togo Description: Satellite Datasets (Images) Of The Total Land Area Togo Satellite Images Of Togo With A Surface Area Of 56 785 Sq Km And A Minimum Resolution Of 80 Cm.
(TS) Value: 134K Euros Country: Sweden Aerial photography and processing for a comedy-based orthophoto, flight signaling across Alingsås municipality and the production of images for stereo cartering in the ESPA environment.
(BD) 2018/S 208-475146 Value: TBC with client Country: Germany Contract Notice: Marine Research Services Coordination And Implementation Of Mussel Monitoring In The Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer National Park Description: The Monitoring Program Can Basically Be Divided Into Four Work Areas: Comprehensive Investigation Of The Distribut
(BD) 2018/538229 Value: Please see document Country: Turkey Tenders Are Invited For Ground And Airborne Disinfection Of Esenyurt Geneli, Geographical Information System Services And Leasing Of Animal Collection Vehicles Quality, Type And Quantity: 1 Piece Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Rental (5 Days), 40 Months 4X 2 Double Cabi
(BD) 2018/S 208-476191 Value: Pls refer to document Country: Norway , Western Europe Contract Notice: Digital Mapping Services Macedonia Detailed Elevation Data With The Help Of Lidar Description: Detailed Elevation Data Shall Be Established With The Help Of Lidar In Northern Parts Of Macedonia. An Area Around The Capital Skopje (530 Km2) Has The Highest
(BD) 17207340 Value: Pls ref to document Country: Philippines , South-Eastern Asia Procurement Of Services For Aerial Photogrammetric Survey / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) Mapping For The City Of Meycauayan, Bulacan , Services ,City Of Meycauayan, Bulacan
(BD) 17455034 Value: Pls ref to document Country: United States , Northern America Pre-Qualified Consultants To Be Utilized To Provide Aerial Photography/Mapping Services Pre-Qualified Consultants To Be Utilized To Provide Aerial Photography/Mapping Services For The Performance Of Aerial Photography (Oblique, Vertical Ortho, Mapping), Mobil
(TS) Value: 60K Euros Country: Ireland Translink, Northern Ireland are seeking a suitably qualified Economic Operator to complete an aerial survey of the rail network, overlaid with the precise location of tree hazards, lineside vegetation and leaf fall assessment across the entire NI Railways network. The key project objectives are: Full aerial survey of the entire NIR network utilising both imagery and LIDAR. Hazardous trees are to be identified and recorded in detail, and to include trees on Translink property and third party trees which could impinge the railway line. A suitable arboricultural model should be used to determine this risk. An experienced and suitably qualified arboricultural expert shall be required to complete verification of the aerial survey by examining some sample sites visually. The volume should be such that gives the contractor assurance of the output to date. Leaf fall assessment, effecting low adhesion to the track, to be assessed on the entire network.
(TS) Value: 480K Euros Country: Ireland Description Meath County Council in collaboration with Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Louth and Monaghan County Councils wish to invite suitable parties to engage in a competitive dialogue procedure for the provision and installation of a new GIS Platform.