(TS) The development objectives of the Telecommunications Sector Reform Project for Myanmar are to: (a) improve the enabling environment for the telecommunications sector and extend coverage in selected remote pilot locations; and (b) establish priority eGovernment technological foundations and institutional capacity for Government to embark on its public sector reform program. There are four components to the project, the first component being creating an enabling environment for connectivity. This component will focus on technical assistance for addressing policy and regulatory bottlenecks to maximize the benefits of the sector reform agenda ($2.00 million). Technical assistance will be provided to MCIT on policy matters and to the regulator on various regulatory matters. The second component is the extending connectivity to rural areas. This component will support the development of the Government's universal access strategy in order to accelerate the provision of telecommunications and internet services in remote areas of Myanmar. The third component is the enabling eGovernment foundations. This component aims to support the Government's charter in governance reforms by improving transparency and accountability. It will also place a stronger emphasis on the provision of Government information and services for its constituents as committed by the President to its people. Finally, the fourth component is the project implementation support.

(TS) Non-Drone Opportunity Value: Min € 134K Country: Belgium Description The current assignment concerns supporting WL projects with GIS expertise, maintaining the geographic data, supplementing the metadata catalog via geonetwork, maintaining the GIS wiki pages and coordinating the WL-GIS support. The tenderer offers support in the form of 2 people, 1 continuous GIS operator / Coordinator and 1 ad hoc GIS operator

(BD) 17455034 Value: Pls ref to document Country: United States , Northern America Pre-Qualified Consultants To Be Utilized To Provide Aerial Photography/Mapping Services Pre-Qualified Consultants To Be Utilized To Provide Aerial Photography/Mapping Services For The Performance Of Aerial Photography (Oblique, Vertical Ortho, Mapping), Mobil