Our Aerial Photography Member Services

Aerial Photography Tenders

Professional and Enterprise Members will be given the opportunity to live listings.

UAV Exhibition Advertising Service

Various advertising oportunities available for Exhibitors, Manufacturers and Service Providers.

PFCO Courses

Various discounts on courses including, PFCO, PIX4D and Flight Training to name but a few.

Marketing for your drone business

Find an Operator, Marketing tips, advertising opportunities, networking and webinars.

Drone Insurance

Discounts available, including high risk operations.


Updates available by Country Worldwide.


Opportunities available via our knowledge hub.

24Hr Legal Advice

Speak to a Solicitor 24/7.


Available to aid business operations.

Terms & Conditions

Templates written covering services, performance, reservation, schedule, air and location limitations, permits, payment, deposit, cancellation, limit of liability and governing law to protect all parties involved.


Monthly Photo & Video Competitions available.


Include Websites, Marketing materials, Insurance, Drone Accessories, PFCO's, Pix4D, Secure Software development, First Aid, Workwear, Magazine Subscription, Exhibiton Stands, Conferences and Events to name but a few.


"I have found SUAS to be progressive and forward thinking in their approach to the SUA community. Within a very short period of time SUAS Global, albeit new to the industry at this level, put their money where their mouth was and offered a very comprehensive range of products, services and support to the professional community. I make a conscious decision annually to only renew with 2 SUA companies, SUAS Global and RPAS - between them the offer everything a professional in the industry needs for support and advice."
James, Direcor of Air Frames
"The commercial UAV business is still very much in its early stages and therefore a bit of a minefield to navigate. SUAS have been integral to get my new business moving in the right direction in a safe and effective way. SUAS provided essential industry information and multiple offers to help get my business rolling. Thanks very much."
Ian, Director of OnCloud
"SUAS is the number place for both established and new companies entering the exciting world of UAV technology. To make contacts with others is priceless and we shall be members for many years to come."
Oliver, Director of UK Drone Show
What you need to do is sign up to SUAS Global (as I now have) and take advantage of the information, knowledge, experience and advantages that are available to you though a wealth of CAA notifications (especially relevant to the rapidly changing regulations applied to UAV and UAVs) - as well as the discounts through partners to SUAS-Global.The practical 'applications' through member benefits, the ability to converse with like minded people and the 'links' that can be shared and from which we can all benefit ... priceless.
Mick, Director of Timeflize
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