(BD) TenderID 17725508 Tender Value Plz Refer Document Country France , Western Europe Tender Brief Tenders Are Invited For Aerial Photography Services Contract Notice: Aerial Photography Services Aerial Shots Description: Aerial Photography Market - Lot 1: Orthophotoplan Shooting, - Lot 2: Quality And Precision Checks. Time Limit For Receipt Of Tenders Or Requests To Participate: Date: 07/01/2019 Local

(TS) Buyer: IT Center for the Brussels Region Value: Min € 134K Country: Belgium Description The object of this contract is the collection and processing of georeferenced image and vector data as well as the provision of IT solutions to ensure the updating and development of Urbis as part of a multi-year plan. The operations are divided into 2 lots: - lot 2: mobile / indoor mapping Lot 1 and 2 are described in sections "B.1. Lot 1: terrestrial topography "and" B.2. Lot 2: mobile / indoor mapping "which appear in volume B devoted to" Functional and technical provisions ". The contract went through open tender procedure.

(TS) Non-Drone Opportunity Value: Min € 134K Country: Belgium Description The current assignment concerns supporting WL projects with GIS expertise, maintaining the geographic data, supplementing the metadata catalog via geonetwork, maintaining the GIS wiki pages and coordinating the WL-GIS support. The tenderer offers support in the form of 2 people, 1 continuous GIS operator / Coordinator and 1 ad hoc GIS operator